Status : ongoing 
Location : 수원 
Company Information : 외국계 제조업 
Job Description : 1. Staffing
- Responsible for the full spectrum of the recruitment process from sourcing potential job candidates to selection and onboarding new hires
- Establishes and maintains solid business partnership with hiring managers to stay abreast of current and future hiring needs.
- Proactively researches and develops innovative sourcing strategies to fulfill hiring requirements.
- Shares market knowledge with hiring managers and be viewed as a subject matter expert regarding hiring issues and provides guidance through hiring process as needed.
- Effectively utilizes applicant tracking system to manage recruitment process and tracks all recruitment-related activities data in a timely manner.
- Leads and/or participates in global/regional/site HR projects.
- Supports the implementation of global/regional/site HR programs & initiatives.

2. Employee Data Management/ Employee Queries Support
- Liaison person between Korea employees and regional HR Central
- Respond to queries from Korean employees
- Managing supporting document and post the supporting document via Quickr
- Managing p-file
- Manages Leave approval (as supporting document will be in local language)
- Manages Personal Information Update (PIU) approval (as supporting document will be in local language
- Supports on-site training for HRC new application / programs roll out
- Supports local transactional work that need on-site support
- Supports online verification letter processing

3. Policy Management
- Translates Policy website content and forms into local Korean language.
- Enters translated policy content and forms into local policy website templates (using Vignette)
- Submits website content (in Draft status) to Local Policy Approver for final review/approval 
Job Requirements : 관련 학과 학위 학사 이상
채용 및 데이터관리 HR 전문적인 업무 최소 5년이상
의사소통 과 대인관계 능력이 좋으신 분
한국어와 영어 능통자
MS Office 제품 능숙하신분 (엑셀/파워포인트) 

영어 커뮤니케이션 좋은 분 

선호 조건

생산, 제조 업체에서 근무경험 (국내 대기업)

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