Status : ongoing 
Location : Seoul 
Company Information : 광고 마케팅 
Job Description : 1. Provide/lead the technology thoughts and ideas in the ideation process

2. Identify key digital trends, tools and technologies to incorporate into the campaigns.

3. Work within a team of account, strategy, creative, management and agencies to ideate, research, wireframe, design etc.

4. Manage projects throughout the full project life-cycle, ensuring the projects are delivered on time, on budget and with a quality that meets or exceeds client expectations

5. Develop and maintain detailed scopes of work, production estimates, project schedules, change orders, communication plans

6. Ensure that project communication, both internally and to clients, is strong throughout the duration of the project

7. Prepare ongoing status reports to keep project stakeholders informed

8. Support creative/development teams in managing smooth and efficient projects workflow through scheduling and quality-assurance procedures

9. Liaising with third-party partners and/or vendors if needed, and ensuring that their deliverables are provided on time, in good quality and within budget 
Job Requirements : 영어 가능하신 분 선호
개발자, 디자이너 하셨던 분들 중 기획력이 출중하신분 선호
전반적인 online 서비스 개발 기획에 충중하신분
strong leadership 소유자이면서 다른 부서와 팀원들과 Synergy 극대화 하실 수 있는분 

PM (IT, Web, Mobile, App) 모십니다. james@humantree.net으로 문의 주세요~ 전화: 02 597 3624