Status : ongoing 
Location : 수원 
Company Information : 외국계 제조업 
Job Description : 1. Employee Relations
- Working closely with the HR team providing HR expertise support with a particular focus on Employee Relations (ER)
- Responsible for providing support, advice, guidance and handling coㄴmplex ER issues as well as coaching Managers to become more self-sufficient when dealing with ER cases
- Develops and delivers a focused employee relations strategy that meets the needs of all stakeholder groups and ensure that the ER Team achieves their objectives and work plan
- Identifies and implements positive employee relations programs, in consultation with relevant stakeholder groups that will lead to a more motivated workforce
- Contributes to the continued improvement of the organization’s effectiveness by monitoring attrition, performance indicators, levels of grievances and discipline, and solutions to enable positive trends
- Ensures the appropriate management of all ER issues including grievances, performance issues and disciplinary action

2. Compensation & Benefits
- Administers and implements site C&B programs
- Participates in site, regional and global C&B initiatives
- Assists in planning, developing and redesigning C&B programs
- Manages third party vendor service level and performance standards of various benefit programs
- Works on routine operation matters to streamline processes and identify opportunities for improvement
- Co-ordinates benefit renewals, process payments and updates policy
- Develops C&B communication plans 
Job Requirements : HR 관련 학위 학사 이상
적어도 3~5년 이상의 HR 의 전문적인 경험있으신 분
한국어와 영어 능통자 
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